Two Earthlings in Love

Dr. Carl Sagan dedicates his epic Cosmos to his wife Anne with these words:

In the vastness of space and the immensity of time, it has been my joy to share a planet and an epoch with you, Annie.

Soon after reading it, my sweet husband sent me this picture mapping our location. Sigh. Just two Earthlings in love.

Cosmos has already gripped me so tightly that I am barely able to finish a few pages without finding someone to share them with. As Carl Sagan says, when you’re in love, you want to tell the world. His passionate love for science is infectious.


The Greatest Supervillain of All Time

Have you heard of Deadliest Warrior on Spike?  It’s old, and I’m slightly addicted.  The premise is to match up two warriors in a vacuum and calculate who is the deadliest.  Examples: pirate vs. knight, Nazi vs. Viet Cong, vampires vs. zombies.  Weapons are weighed, gore ensues, a winner is determined.



Being the nerd that I am, I found myself deeply in thought this week about a completely non-important fictional topic: was Iago of Othello truly the most evil character ever created?  Iago becomes Othello’s most trusted advisor and abuses this trust to create the downfall of Cassio, Othello, and Desdemona with seemingly no remorse. When his wife illuminates his treachery, he kills her.  By far, the most evil thing he does is refuse to provide any explanation to Othello–he vows to remain silent forever.

What the hell, Iago??????


Iago is working with some serious mental weaponry here.  But is he more evil than Cathy Ames of East of Eden?  I wanted to match these two up, Deadliest Warrior style.



Cathy murders her parents by burning them alive in their home, then walks away without a second thought.  She frames two boys for raping her, she manipulates countless men into ruining their lives for her.  When Adam Trask earnestly tries to love her, she waits long enough to deliver his brother‘s child, then shoots him in cold blood and leaves him to die.  She rises the ranks in a new whorehouse, murders the madam who loved her and uses her home to torture and twist souls.

The Most Evil

Based on the body count alone, I wouldn’t get close to either of these two.  Both are capable of manipulating others into murdering for them, both have killed those closest to them.  Cathy is a mother, which somehow makes her “malformed soul” that much more horrific.  As she ages, her weakness shows and she becomes arthritic.  We see her internal pain and a slightly human side to her.   Iago makes several grand speeches about how envy drives his actions, which have led some to call him simply jealous.  For me, Iago’s greatest weapon is his refusal to explain.  In the last act, he purposely leaves Othello bewildered.  He will remain bewildered forever, and this is the most evil secret weapon.  Iago wins Deadliest Warrior.  No swollen-handed Cathy Ames is going to out manipulate Iago.

But are either of them as single-mindedly terrifying as Annie Wilkes of Misery?  A game for another day.





Weekend update: Coming home!!!

Why does it feel so good to go home? It’s the ultimate comfort to leave Japan behind and board a whale shark painted plane headed for home sweet home.  I’m writing this from the airport, waiting to board and struggling to stay awake!  My carry-on baggage is packed with an eye mask and travel slippers–it’s going to be a comfy flight.

This week has been busy and exciting: my friend Sarah is leaving the island (sad face), so I spent much of our time checking off items on her “bucket list”.  One day at beautiful Toguchi beach, one day devouring an enormous ice cream mountain, and one last Okinawa pedicure.

selfie queens hard at work

Between all the  adventuring and the working, I neglected sleep for several days. Sanity suffers, and at one point I looked in the mirror and found myself wearing this hot mess:
  Note the shark shirt.

But truly, who has time to sleep? A full four hours is all I really need, and I’m ready for more.


 I hope you’re ready, San Diego.

Weekend update: Happy More!

This week I was able to visit one of my favorite places to get groceries on island, Happy More. It’s mostly an organic market and small restaurant.


I love the huge variety of organic produce and baked goods, but the best part of Happy More is that the market opens up into the very garden that your food is taken from. Walking through the vegetables, I noticed there were no tomatoes–a few minutes later, a gardener with a huge basket of tomatoes marched through the market and it was for sale!

All that shopping had me hungry for a pitaya smoothie and vegan curry!  Check out that color!!!

The rest of the week has been relaxing: smoothies, work, catching up on errands, playing with kittens.



I can’t believe that in less than a week I’ll be in California! It’s shaping up to be a good summer. 


Seoul Shopping!

Last week, my friend asked me why I was going to Korea.  Training? Hiking?

Nope.  I was going to eat.  Oh, and shop.  We’re not out to save the world here.

Fat Girl’s Food Guide, one of my favorite blogs, basically singlehandedly convinced me that Seoul should be my first foreign leave.  Her pictures of three-tiered brunches and meringue topped lattes had me obsessively mapping routes between restaurants.  Only two meals survived long enough to have their picture taken before being eaten.

Street Churros

THIS WAS THE BEST CHURRO I’VE EVER EATEN.  I GREW UP IN SAN DIEGO AND HAVE BEEN TO MEXICO MULTIPLE TIMES.  I’VE BEEN TO THE DEL MAR FAIR.  THIS CHURRO WAS THE BEST THING AND I ALMOST CRIED.  I didn’t mean to order it over raspberry ice cream–that was a language issue, but I wasn’t mad about it.


Pizza Muzzo, ItaewonIMG_3859-0

This meal was a little bit confusing: caprese panini with polento fries?  Definitely adorable, but this is not what I picture as a panini, and the fries had the texture of cornbread with the taste of a cheez-it.  Again, not mad about it.

Korea Shopping

Friends of mine who had been to Seoul told me about Korea’s wide selection of beauty products, especially face masks.  For about $10, I bought 12 sheet masks, some with cotton, some tea tree oil, some honey.  As my free gift, I was awarded four masks with essence of snail slime…um. I guess snails do have pretty moist slime.

In a store called Lush, I had my hands and arms washed by a very attentive sales girl.  She brought out a new coconut shampoo and offered to let me try it in their back room shower; I declined.  When I saw a few other shoppers step out looking refreshed, I definitely had some regrets, but there is a part of me that just can’t shower in the middle of a shopping day in a strange country.  Not mad about it.


Korean makeup was a big thing too, but because white skin is the ideal, I was unable to buy any foundation or powder.  Even as a generally fair white person, the Okinawan sun has made me too dark for anything Korean and I was banished to the eyeshadow aisle.

Again, not mad about it.  I shopped/ate my little heart out.

Churros+ panini+snail mask+art museum+war memorial=sweet vacation

Currently reading: Go, Set a Watchman by Harper Lee



Weekend update: Our Japanese 4th of July!

 Happy (late) Independence Day, everyone!

Carl was off all weekend, but I worked three nights in a row. I was elated to be free from work in the morning and head to brunch.

One of our favorite cafes is Hale Noa, a Hawaiian themed brunch shop that always seems to be packed to the brim. It specializes in dishes like coconut french toast and Kalua pork eggs Benedict, my favorite.

While we waited for Hale Noa to open, we walked on the beach (code for selfies) 


Later that day, we headed out to the beach to barbecue with friends.  Once again, we brought out the ocean hammock and relaxed in the water. Carl had his snorkel gear to check out the underwater scene, and it felt like a perfect holiday. 
 I am beyond grateful for this guy, good friends, and a beautiful place to call home.  On this Independence Day weekend, it was such a blessing to celebrate all freedom with a great crew.


  I hope our wisdom will grow with our power, and teach us, that the less we use our power the greater it will be. Thomas Jefferson