Why I Blog

The only reason that I’m writing this is that I’m pretty sure nobody reads this. If someone actually read this, this story might be a little embarrassing.

The story of why I started blogging all begins two years ago when I had first started dating my boyfriend. We were spending a ton of time together, and sometimes he was too busy to spend as much time together as I wanted. One day, I wanted to have dinner together, but he had work to do. Not meaning any harm by it, he said:

“Why don’t you just get a hobby??”

The now infamous question. I was totally thrown. He totally meant it in a nice way, and of course I took it in the worst way possible. I took a quick self-inventory and I realized– I had definitely lost some hobby time!! Before we started dating, I ran and swam regularly. I was constantly reading something new on my Kindle, had just started cooking all the time, and somehow found time to volunteer. At that moment, it felt like my hobbies had been reduced to cooking, eating, and hanging out with him. It was time for a makeover of my life.

He swears that he never said this. It’s possible that he might be right. He’s usually right. Regardless of what actually happened, what I heard was:
“You suck, you have no hobbies, you’re pretty much the worst.”

I’ve been on a hobby quest ever since. I’ve been fishing, running, swimming, biking (as in, learning how to ride a bike and falling over a lot), painting, reading, and occasional short story writing. When I realized how much I was reading and how much I had to say about each book, I thought of blogging. One day, while my boyfriend pretended to study, I decided that I would pretend to do some work too. The rest is history.

I’m new to the blogging world (almost a month!), but so far I love it. I have readers all over the world, which makes me feel a little bit internet famous. I recently took the plunge and posted on my Facebook, so now my friends read it. That was a huge leap for me, because you know the only people who stalk your Facebook are the haters. And your family. Speaking of which, I hope my mom reads this!!

Thank you to all of you who have supported me as I learn this new hobby! I promise to keep working at it until I get sick of it 🙂


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