Reader’s Block

What do you do when you just can’t get into a book?

I’m reading Unbroken, which everyone raves about.  It’s constant: “Ohhhh, you’re reading Unbroken?!? That was amazing!”  That’s a TON of pressure to put on a book, and I kind of expected it to pick me up and carry me away.  You know those books that somehow seem to read themselves with no help from you?

I don’t want to offend any fans of this book, I think it’s very interesting.  But for whatever reason, I just can’t seem to get into it.  I seem to be suffering from a case of reader’s block, with no idea how to cure myself.  I’ll read a few pages, then stop.  Read a few more, and stop.  It’s almost painful.

Every time I think, Oh, I should be reading, I think of a million other things I’d rather do.  The motivation I’ve been lacking for weeks magically appears, and my entire “To-Do” list gets done!  That’s how hard I’m avoiding this book: even laundry seems more fun.  To make matters worse, I have this book on 2 week Kindle loan from the library, and one of my weeks is already up!

The clock’s ticking, and I have no idea how to drag myself through this book.  I seem to be the one person in the entire universe who is not completely enamored with this book [yet]; is something wrong with me?  Or do I just have a bad case of reader’s block?

5 thoughts on “Reader’s Block

  1. I know this feeling; it’s horrible. Maybe you should either take a break or try reading something else? (You’ve probably had this advice, sorry that I can’t give any more than that.) 😦


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