Books that Are Movies

The movie is never as good as the book.


How many times have you heard someone say that?  It’s one of those things that everyone knows, like don’t go to the dentist and expect to have a party…don’t go to the movie version and expect for it to be good.  I have to force my expectations as low as I can to avoid disappointment when I go to see the movie version of a book that I loved.  Gone Girl  was exactly this:  one of the BEST stories I have ever read, not in literary elegance, or twisting plot, but in the rich fullness of the characters.  The author, Gillian Flynn combines mismatched traits within characters: likable, funny, genius, murderous, conniving, and delusional.  Impossibly, it all works, creates a fleshed-out, believable person.  Gone Girl felt real.  The book, that is.

I read this book when it first came out in 2012, and have not stopped raving about it since.  When I found out there was a movie coming out in October 2014, it seemed lightyears away, until one day I woke up and realized it was, in fact, October 2014.  This day happened to be the day the movie was released, so I immediately drove to the nearest movie theater, convinced it would be sold out (it wasn’t), grabbed a kid’s meal popcorn and diet coke, and settled in.  Luck was on my side!

Gone Girl (the movie) took me by surprise in that it was GOOD.  The casting was spot-on and the actors really displayed the fullness that I loved in Flynn’s book. The story speaks for itself, and the entire audience was on the edge of their seats.  They loved it!  Reading the book first can make you kind of a snob, but I was loving it too!

After the movie, I ate dinner at a restaurant next door, and I overheard a couple talking about it.  They were asking each other stupid questions about the plot, and feeding each other appropriately stupid answers.  I wanted to tell them how good the book was, and how all of the answers could be found there.  Even though this movie was so, so, good, the book was so, so, much better!  In the end, I suppose the book always wins, but this movie came awfully close.

Photo on 10-8-14 at 11.31 AM copyToday, I’m off to check out a few used bookstores in the area with some friends.  Stay tuned for my posts about my love of books and my 2014 Reading Challenge!  If you like my blog, subscribe using the box to the right.

One thought on “Books that Are Movies

  1. I LOVE the book and thought that the movie did a pretty good job of conveying the overall feeling that I got reading it. I wondered how someone would feel that hadn’t read the book though because it definitely wasn’t as detailed and in depth as the book (how could it be?) Overall, pretty darn good! I wish that I could read Gone Girl for the first time all over again!
    Did you read Dark Places or Sharp Objects? I really liked Dark Places (it’s pretty….dark though) and there is a movie coming out for that one too.


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