All Snuggled Up

Recently, I was stuck inside on a snowy day and really got to thinking about what I wanted to do for Lent.  I settled on kind of a hodge-podge collection of resolutions, but one thing I’m really excited about is reading books about different saints.  Lent felt like the time to finally do something that I’ve wanted to do for a while.

Right now I’m reading an explanation of the writings of Edith Stein, who was a huge influence on the Pope John Paul II’s Theology of the Body.  I loved her philosophy about feminism and the particular strength of women.  As a German nun of Jewish descent, she was sent to Auschwitz, where she died in 1942.

Reading about her is great!  I love learning about her life and writings.  The trouble that I’m having is the same I’ve had with any non-fiction book I’ve read.  How do you stay focused and keep at it?

Every few pages, I stop and look around, then think about something else.  I want to learn, but suddenly I have the attention span of a five-year-old.  Non-fiction reading feels like exercise for your mind, and my mind’s endurance is embarrassingly low.  As I try to toughen up, I’m enjoying the slow pace.

This is my time to settle in with some blankets, tea, and a really good, if tough, book.  Do you have a harder time with non-fiction books?   What do you do to stay focused?  I hope that you are all having a great winter and reading up a storm!


3 thoughts on “All Snuggled Up

  1. I am reading some of the first non-fiction I’ve read for pleasure in years. I made another try at Gods and Generals and finding this time I couldn’t get enough. I’m waiting for the third book in the series from the Library. I am also reading 13 Cents 5th Marines in Vietnam, by Culbertson. I really like this author, he is able to describe things I would not normally understand, so that I get it. I think I’m sticking with non fiction for a while. I feel like I’ve accomplished something at the end. More than just hearing a good story, it’s something real to keep with you.


  2. I have the same attention trouble with some non-fiction books. It seems that having a nice block of time to get going helps, versus reading at bedtime. 😍


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