Feline Good at the Neco Cafe

Some days, I just can’t even.

Yesterday, after three draining days at work, everything was just too much effort.  I began to identify with this guy:


Gudetama is a character that is super popular here in Japan; he’s an egg yolk who is essentially the embodiment of “meh”.  He just kind of got me, like you’re this goopy yolky thing and one fork poke away from losing it.  So you’d better stay put on this egg white, just in case.

I was totally spent, but didn’t do anything practical like drink coffee or sleep.  I just continued to feel egg-yolky, and then worked up the energy to get myself to a local cat cafe.  That’s right, cat cafe.

As any good introvert will tell you, animal snuggles are absolutely soul-nourishing.  I think that’s the premise behind Japanese cat cafes where you pay to be in the presence of lots and lots of cats.  It was awesome!


I paid for the hour, and sipped my coffee by the window while I was swarmed by the kittens wanting to play.  A few older cats glared at us from their cardboard boxes.  Suddenly, a pigeon thudded into the cafe window!

All twenty-some cats lined up to scout out the situation, meowing full-blast.  The pigeon, dazed, tottered off onto the telephone line and eventually flew off.  I sipped my coffee happily as a huge, black cat scowled at me, purring.  Cats are a little weird that way.

It was like sipping hot broth on a cold day; I could actually feel myself getting stronger.  I thanked the owner and left, feeling much better.

At the car, I realized I had forgotten to return the cat-shaped badge she had given me to prove I had paid, and ran inside to return it.  I found her deeply involved in a snuggle sesh with one of the sweeter cats, and she didn’t notice me come in at first.  She was baby-talking, dancing around the store and the cat was absolutely loving it.

When she turned around and saw me watching her, her face dropped, but I knew that she was just feeling what I felt too.  Animal love is different, simpler, and occasionally, it’s just what you need.

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