Those loyal readers who are used to my usual philosophic, awe-inspiring posts can go ahead and take a break today–this post is about a sandwich.

I’ve been spending more time on the reader lately, and was SO excited to find “Ode to Bánh mì”, basically the author’s experience loving the delicious Vietnamese sandwiches and her family.  It was adorable, heart-touching, but more than anything, I was totally craving a sandwich.  Her ode also had me rethinking my life choices; if you can blog about sandwiches now, what was the point of anything else?

I guess I was feeling a little bit philosophical after all.

For those who know me, like really know me, you know that sandwiches are my jam.  I have been known to order a Jimmy Johns sandwich a time or too too many, to the point that the delivery man started to anticipate my call.  I have hand-crafted some towering alfalfa sprout, cucumber and hummus sandwiches, always one big bite away from toppling.   I once gave my mom a loaf of bread for mother’s day.

I began to search on the internet and found that more and more people had written about how much they love sandwiches too!  One amazing blog, Baguettes and Drumsticks, is entirely dedicated to “foodism”.  There’s a sandwich checklist with the criteria to make it an excellent sandwich, and one of them is “made by my mom” (somewhat optional).  How could I not have thought of this sooner?

These days, I’m cooking what I like to call casually vegan.  I use a lot of vegan recipes because it helps me to get enough veggies.  But every once in a while, you need a fried egg with your vegan breakfast quinoa and it’s oh-so-good.

To get recipes, I follow several vegan cooks on Instagram, and I really enjoy seeing what they’ve cooked up.  I once heard someone say that they didn’t want to see pictures of what someone had eaten on the internet, and I was baffled! This is truly one of the most relaxing things to me.

I love looking at the food, thinking about how it was assembled, and wondering how I could create it at home.  Now that our garden is doing better than ever, I spend each day proudly watching our little sprouts turn into future salad–now sandwiches!

This week, I was amazed and gratified to find yet another way to connect with food lovers and widen my circle of internet friends.

Sandwich lovers, unite!

2 thoughts on “Sammish

  1. I love that you enjoy food and blogging about food! Did you like those panini sandwiches at the Milwaukee Public Market? One of my favorite things used to be to bring one on the airrplane for the trip home! Love, Mom

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