The Girl On Fire

If you haven’t read The Hunger Games, you’re way behind the times.  Where are you, somewhere without electricity? Somewhere without people?

When the movie was first released, I didn’t bother looking into the plot at all: somehow, I had gotten the impression that it was just another sparkly-vampire love story.  My male friends were begrudgingly choosing it for date movies because the girls they liked just really wanted to see it.  I’m always game for a good Twilight remake, so I grabbed my mom and headed for the theater.

We were late, clueless, wandered in just in time for J. Law’s totally epic “I VOLUNTEER!”

I quickly learned that this movie was not like Twilight.  We kicked right into high gear as Katniss was rushed into the Capitol, trained to be a tribute, and sent into the Games.

I left during the middle of the Games just to catch my breath, and next to me in the bathroom, a woman flushed her car keys down the toilet.  Still in the bathroom stall, she called her husband from her phone, yelling at the top of her lungs.  It was hilarious, but I couldn’t even muster up a chuckle: I knew Katniss was in danger.

Katniss/Jennifer Lawrence continued to amaze me on and off screen.  As a character, Katniss is incredibly tough, capable, and strong.  She’s an amazing character, I understand why an entire country could stand behind her.  Jennifer Lawrence, the most loved human in the land, is laid-back, hilarious, and supposedly hates to exercise or eat healthy but looks amazing.  So, Jennifer, if you could play me in the movie about my life, that would be great–I’d love to be as hilarious as you and as strong Katniss.


Who would you choose to play you in the movie of your life?

Created in response to The Daily Post

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