Weekend Update: Life With Cat

For the past month, this blog has taken a few twists and turns as I  rode along with Blogging U’s “Blogging 101” course.  I learned a ton about how to engage with other bloggers and wrote some things a little out of my comfort zone.  I wrote an entire post about a sandwich (my truest love, but still–not something I would have considered without this course telling me I could do it)  Thank you all for riding along with me, and a huge thank you to my new followers!  Now, back to the show.

It’s been quite a week.  Earlier in the month, my car began overheating out of the blue, and one quick visit to the mechanic told us that they “didn’t recommend repair”.  According to them, the car had somehow blown a gasket, and would need to be replaced.

We made arrangements to get a new car, but in the meantime, I spent my days at work or home in the garden.  It was serene.


Then, suddenly, it was boring.  I had had too much rest and relaxation, and was ready for anything to happen.  For a while now Carl and I had talked about adopting a pet, but felt like a dog would be too much with our lack of a routine.  In between gardening days, I had sent out emails on Okinawa’s version of Craigslist, and finally we found the perfect cat match.

We met with Momo‘s owner, who was so sad to give him up.  She explained that she had been fostering him since his owner moved back to the States, and was looking for a forever home to give him the love he needed.  When she handed him to me, he started purring away.  This guy was melting my heart.

12265655_10153107866226714_1894317653253163917_o (1)Once we had the car and the cat,  my life picked up its pace.  At work, it seemed that all the babies had decided to be born, with all kinds of exciting twists. We joked that it was raining babies, but no really, it was raining babies. So many babies!!

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, I am so thankful for this beautiful home and garden, this sweet cat, and this steady job.  I can feel the roots that we are setting down start to grow stronger, and it feels so good.



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