Counting My Blessings

Carl teases me for my catch phrase, which I use in seemingly random moments.  We’ll be walking to our favorite ramen place, look up to a sky full of stars and it will come to me.  Sometimes, we’ll be driving along the coastline on a sunny day singing along to the radio when I realize how lucky we are to be together and free on a day like that.  Last weekend, we were in a crowd at a free concert, me with a beer and him with a huge cotton candy, when it hit me: What a blessing.

And yes, what a blessing! How many thousands of blessings we were enjoying in that moment: a free concert, put on just for us.  The blessing to be together after being separated is always something to be grateful for.  The pure joy of cold in Okinawa, rather than  the sweaty sticky summer, all of these and many more are things to celebrate.

“What a blessing!”

And yes, as Carl says, I do sound a little bit like a Grandma when I look around at my surroundings and celebrate them.  But oh, what a blessing, to be the happiest Grandma on the block.


One thought on “Counting My Blessings

  1. Thank you for reminding me to stop and be thankful for what I DO HAVE, when I tend to lament what I DON’T have. And I’m blessed to have you as my kid.


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