Urban dictionary says that FOMO is: “fear of missing out”. The fear that if you miss a party or event you will miss out on something great.  

I wouldn’t say I’m a huge party girl, but living in Okinawa, I experience a special FOMO/YOLO blend. My friends regularly jet-set to Korea or Taiwan for the weekend for absolutely no occasion, all by themselves. If they stay on island, they scuba dive with giant sea turtles. Rainy day? No problem! They order towering milkshakes and dance them off at fun new salsa clubs.  I do my best to keep up, but I know some really cool people.  I’m lucky enough to be married to one 🙂

After church one day, Carl informed me that we were going to a cave. As we drove to it, I tried to research as best I could.

I found out that the Kadena Hospital Cave was so named because of how it was found when the base was finally captured during WWII. When American men found this particular cave, it had been littered with cots and medical supplies, leading them to believe it was a small clinic or field hospital.  

I looked into the cave and thought about what it would be like to care for patients in a damp, warm environment like that. Would it be better to be out of the rain?

We weren’t sure if this one “hospital” was it, but Carl insisted on hiking up. He knew that anyone with a good instinct would want a higher position, and he thought there might be more to see.  So, still in my church clothes, I agreed. I’ll blame it on the FOMO.

Sure enough, we soon found a bunker, high on the hill and well-concealed. 

Both of our imaginations were running wild, thinking of how intimidating this site  would have been to the first Americans to have “cleared” it all those years ago. You would have no idea what’s inside.

This was a very cool hike; It felt like we were able to reach out and touch a piece of history.

No FOMO here today!

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