Dear Marie Kondo, a love letter

Today, readers, a guest post from my dear friend Lauren Vogt.  I’ve known her for years, and even lived with her for a while before life dragged us to opposite sides of the world.  She sent me this love letter to super-organizer Marie Kondo, and it is absolutely perfect.  Enjoy!


Dear Marie Kondo,

I have to admit it.  I thought you were nuts.  I read your book for book club; well, actually I didn’t feel like reading it so I read a few articles about it so I would know enough to participate in the discussion.  But when I came across “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up” on the bargain table at Barnes and Noble, I was drawn to it.

I read it mostly out of curiosity.  And for the pretty cover.  You did have some good ideas, but the way you described having a relationship with your possessions, respecting your clothes and thanking them after “a hard day’s work” of protecting your body, I wrote you off as a little “woo-woo”.

But nonetheless, I was feeling overwhelmed by the amount of stuff in my small apartment.  I felt as if I could be swallowed into the closet and be lost there for days.  Why not try your method?  It seemed as good as any other.

Oh, how I was wrong about you, you tidying genius with a thousand insights into my soul!  I began as you said by taking every article of my clothing from around the house and piling it all on the bed. Whoa. I actually had to put some on the floor.  Then I followed your methodical order of sorting my tops, then bottoms, dresses, coats, accessories, purses and shoes. I never imagined I had 6 garbage bags-worth of items to donate (plus another 1 1/2 for the trash).  And that was just from clothes!

Even better than the lightness I feel from only being surrounded by the garments and accessories that I really like and make me feel happy is the JOY I feel when I started folding my clothes according to the KonMari method.  I never thought that folding my clothes a certain way could matter at all.  But folding each item until I find it’s “sweet spot” and storing them vertically so I can actually see what I have…wow!  My heart actually speeds up a little bit when I peek inside my now-spacious closet or very tidy drawers…just like you said it would! And just like you said, when I fold an item just right and get it to stand on end, I smile and think “So that’s how you wanted to be folded!”

Talking to my clothes seemed like a weird idea, but actually I find that it makes me appreciate them more, which helps me to be more mindful and appreciative in general.  Even the clothes that I was packing up for donation – instead of shoving them into garbage bags, I sorted them into types and folded each stack nicely, thanking each piece for the joy it brought me and wishing it luck on it’s next journey. Wow, reading that sounds awfully strange, but it really did work!

Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for sharing your life-changing magic with me.  I can’t wait to sort the books and movies tomorrow!


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