Okinawa Adventures: Cape Zanpa

Recently, watching New Girl, I heard Winston Bishop speak it perfectly:

“You know what’s a good date? Errands and a smoothie.”

winston bishop.gif

There’s a reason why the internet LOVES this man.  Winston, or “Winny the Bish”, just gets it.  In that moment, he really knew what I needed to unwind from a draining week, so I grabbed a slightly unwilling Carl and headed out for some errands.  Carl was very confused about what we were doing.  But, being Carl, he was along for the ride.

After a trip to the Farmer’s Market, we found ourselves at Zanpa beach, which was beautiful and secluded.


We climbed over rocks and looked at pieces of coral up close.  It was like something out of a movie.

image1 (1)

We explored for a while, and found our way to the main part of the Cape.  From the viewpoint, we were able to see huge, impossibly blue waves crashing against sharp cliffs.  Like a huge nerd, I watched every single wave with my mouth wide open, my mind unable to process what my eyes were seeing.

I told Carl that the waves weren’t just blue, they were cerulean.  Again with the nerdiness.  Oh well, this was my errands and smoothie day.


We climbed our way to the top of a tall lighthouse, and peered over the rail carefully.  It was freezing and windy, so we didn’t stay long.


I called this day a success and headed home to hang out with my cat.

winston bishop


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