Preparing for Travel

This week, we head out on our deferred honeymoon–yay!  I can’t wait.

When I first started planning this trip, I asked Carl where he wanted to go.  My ideas had all been tropical and exotic: Thailand, Bali, New Zealand? I wanted to go all out for this trip, and had been looking into touristy all inclusive resorts.

I had totally forgotten that they guy I married is pretty simple: he chose Japan.  As in, the country that we live in, and can tour on any weekend.  He vetoed my destinations, and our vacation became an all-out Japan tour, the combination of our ideas.  Soon I realized that the days I had requested from work coincided with Sapporo’s Snow Festival, and I couldn’t believe our luck.  The rest of the trip seemed to plan itself.

IMG_1387 (1)

My method for traveling is tried and true.

Step One: Obsessively plan every minute of the trip.

For this vacation, I have researched the history of every castle that we will stop at.  I’ve calculated prices; I’ve found the best restaurants for fugu and ramen.  I’ve told every person that will listen how amazing this is going to be, and each person tolerated me politely.  I do this for every trip, even if it means poring over the guidebook last-minute on the plane.  It’s all part of my plan.

Not only do I feel totally prepared, but I am so excited now.  It comes naturally, but this phase of the trip is very deliberate.  I think of it as squeezing the last drops out of the vacation, because time off is precious, and time together is even more so.

Step Two: Go on the trip!

Because of the excessive planning, this part is easy.  Generally, when I travel, I jam-pack events into a short time.  On this trip, some days will be like this, but others are purely for relaxing.  Here, the purpose of the trip is important to remember.

Are you in a new country for the first time? What do you enjoy?

We love history, nature, and good food: this trip will be full of all of these things.

Step Three: Return home, remember the trip.

I love pictures for this very reason: when I look through my photos, I get to relive that moment all over again.  Returning home is an amazing feeling: you can rest sore legs, snuggle a purring cat.  You head back to work, hopefully feeling refreshed.  I try to remember to be thankful for all of the blessings that allowed me to see new places.  And, inevitably, traveling makes me crave more travel.  The cycle begins again.


What are some of your travel routines?


One thought on “Preparing for Travel

  1. I too do Step 1 (Obsessively Plan Every Minute) but I wish I didn’t. I sometimes think I might enjoy just going with the flow a little more. It would probably drive me crazy though to NOT have every second allotted.

    Enjoy your trip!


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