The Minimalists

Is it just me, or is minimalism cool again?

the minimalists.jpeg

All over the internet, I am surrounded by 2016 resolutions inspired by minimalism.  Marie Kondo’s philosophy of de-cluttering has achieved cult level popularity. The Minimalists podcast proclaims its message as “to live a more meaningful life with less stuff”.  The culture that wants for nothing now wants nothing.

Joshua Fields Nicodemus and Ryan Millburn are The Minimalists.  Each week on their podcast, they discuss new topics like how to live a minimalist lifestyle with children and how to use technology without letting it consume your life.    Josh and Ryan describe days past earning huge salaries and spending all of it on more stuff.  Although they seemed successful, they both found only emptiness in these lifestyles.

Some of their ideas are a bit much for me (ie, the Packing Party where you pack up all of your possessions like you’re moving, then only unpack the essentials–the rest is junk).  I really liked the overall message, and wanted to somehow incorporate it into my life.

The least I could do was clean out my email inbox, which as it turns out, was full of great information.  50% off Caribbean cruises?  Flower arrangement deals for Valentine’s Day? Perfect!  One by one, I deleted them all and hit “unsubscribe”.

Next up, I’m planning to give up TV.  Not forever, not at first, but at least for lent.  I’ve done this two years in a row, and loved all the time I get back.

Inspired? Check out this 30 Day Minimalism Challenge for easy, quick ideas.

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