Shinkansen–the Bullet Train (Part 6 of 8)

For our trip from Aomori to Tokyo, we were taking the Shinkansen the whole way down.  It’d take us three and a half hours where a flight would be two, and they were about the same price.  In the end, I knew that Carl would love the experience of a superfast train speeding down so much of Japan’s distance in an impossibly short time.


We purchased our tickets at Aomori Station, and I selected “Gran Class”.  Sure, that sounded good.  Others at the station were lined up taking pictures of the train, so we joined in.  Right now, there is a lot of hype about the Shinkansen opening a train to Hokkaido (on March 26, 2016), so we assumed the pictures were just part of that hype.

DSC00421DSC00426The Gran Class option was the way to go.  Huge cushy seats, free wifi, and slippers for lounging; I was all about the slippers on this trip.  An attendant came by, handing us a menu offering Western or Japanese style meals, snacks, and drinks–all free.  Carl was super excited about the fact that he got not one, but two apple juices!

So much comfort got the best of me and I soon fell asleep.  I highly recommend Gran Class for all your travel needs–order all the apple juices you want! Ask for a free blanket!  We’re living the dream out here.

With happy hearts and full bellies, we headed out into the electric chaos of Tokyo.


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