Mt. Fuji & Tokyo Disneyland! (Part 8 of 8)

For the last leg of our trip, we’d decided to stay at the New Sanno Hotel, a military-only hotel near Roppongi Hills in Tokyo.  The prices are rank-based, and for us were much more affordable than anything we’d seen in Tokyo.

The hotel offered a few guided tours, and I was excited to not have to plan a trip for once!  We chose the Mt. Fuji tour, and although it was too cold to hike, we were excited to see the famous peak.


I quickly found that the guided tour was maybe a little too relaxing for us.  After several long bus rides and being shuttled from site to site, I missed navigating trains and learning about my surroundings.  We enjoyed the pirate ship ride and shrine, and even took a skyway ride with a gorgeous view, but I don’t think we will choose a guided tour like that again.DSC00566DSC00545

Tokyo Disneyland

For our very last day of vacation, we’d settled on Tokyo Disney!  Tokyo Disney in particular is known for having horribly long lines.  On a good day, you can spend the entire day in lines and several of our friends only made it on one or two rides.  Professional Disney bloggers (yes, that’s a thing) dryly stated that if you weren’t inside the park by ten, it wasn’t worth going at all–and it opens at nine!  We tied up our walking shoes and prepared to be disappointed.

Somehow, we lucked out!  It was crowded, to be sure, but nothing like the mania I’d read about.  We seemed to ride every single ride, including ones we weren’t dying to ride, like Snow White’s adventure and Pooh’s Hunny Hunt.  We waited about 45 minutes or so for Space Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain, and other Disney Classics, and by dinnertime, we looked at the map and realized we’d seen it all.

One of the most entertaining things we saw all day was the Frozen parade featuring Queen Elsa and lots of dancing snowflakes.  We saw her not one, not two, but three times.  After hearing hear sing “Let it Go” in Japanese, we couldn’t stop singing bits and pieces of it all day.

Let it go, Channing. Just let it go.

All in all, Tokyo Disneyland and the trip in its entirety were huge successes!  Super trip achieved.




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