Howdy from Texas!

Y’all, I’m about ready to move to Texas.

They basically have everything I like: wide open spaces, great food, and warm hearted people. Did I mention they have a Target? I’m sold.

Walking in for my first Target trip in over a year was a little bit intimidating. I knew that I couldn’t mess it up and spend time looking at anything dumb because this was it: this was my last time at Target for likely two more years. Better live it up!

And you better believe I did.

I can’t believe how good it feels to be in a familiar, easy country. I didn’t realize how much I’d missed huge cars and wide open highways until I saw them again. It felt weirdly amazing to be in a sporting goods store, walking past aisles of guns and fishing equipment. It felt really American. 

You’d think that I’d be having a little less fun, given that my business here is a solemn one. For the next several days, I’m sitting in on a conference about perinatal death and caring for bereaved families. It’s impossible for even this to dampen my spirits: although the stories and experiences are heavy, the teachers are so good, and the class feels so real, I am so glad to have come. I feel like I am actively growing. This entire week has been such a blessing, and I have never been more grateful for everything I have.

God bless Texas.

3 thoughts on “Howdy from Texas!

  1. I think I’d be going to Chick-Fil-A every day if I were you. And you’re right, nothing beats walking in to a Target.

    Come visit DC sometime! We miss you here.


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