Being Sick Sucks

It really, really sucks.

Carl blames my constant air conditioning and refusal to sleep; I blame all the non-mouth covering plane passengers. Cover your mouth, people. Did you not go to preschool??

Working while sick sucks. You can’t call out for the sniffles, but handling a baby while fighting a virus is ethically questionable.  I usually opt for any jobs that don’t involve babies, and wear my surgical mask whenever possible. the surgical mask is actually kind of cool in Japan.

Pros of sniffles: chicken noodle soup and an excuse to snuggle up with a book.  I’m loving the multi-dimensional East of Eden. My cat is loving every minute of all day naps.

What’s your go-to sick day routine?

2 thoughts on “Being Sick Sucks

  1. Oh you three look so cute ! I’m with you on the cover your mouth people! I’m a big fan of boiling water and breathing in the steam ( Yeah don’t burn yourself !) but I think that big shot of water really helps! You guys are in my prayers all the time and even though this sucks you two have been having an amazing life ! Remember when i got sick at your wedding omg i was so worried I was going to get everyone sick, but I think I just got run down so enjoy your naps


  2. Lay on the couch, drink ginger ale and eat ice cream, and watch I LOve Lucy and Dick van Dyke. Wait. THat’s what we did 50 years ago!


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