Weekend update: Life at the Beach

Current mood: Kindle & chill

Perfect summertime weather this past week has me craving my old favorite books for the poolside.  Something about the inherent laziness of a hot and humid day permeates even my mind, and I am unable to force myself to read anything new. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban is my refuge.

After all this time?


This week was incredibly relaxing.  On Monday morning, I headed to the beach on a with my Kindle and a big jar of iced tea.  It doesn’t take much for me to pass out cold on the beach, and within minutes I was dreaming of Hogsmeade.

  I woke up to this rainstormasaurus.  There was barely time to get to the car before I was soaked in the deluge.  Although a few of my friends stayed and paddle boarded through the downpour, I headed home to continue my nap.

The rest of the week seemed to lazily pass me by.  With Carl gone for the week and the house to myself, I had a seemingly endless span of time to do whatever the hell I wanted.  It was totally luxurious.  Movies at midnight? check.  Disco spin class? check.  Sleeping twelve hours? check.

Before I knew it, Carl was back and  life returned to its normal pace.  I guess life can’t all be naps on the beach, but one can always dream.


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