Kayaking at the Blue Cave

 Quote of the day: “The blue cave isn’t blue, it’s just dark.”

When my awesome friend Sarah invited me to go on a kayaking and snorkeling trip, I jumped at the chance–I’d been wanting to go to the Blue Cave since we moved to Okinawa.

Because we went with a tour, a bus picked us up and drove us to Cape Maeda. A guide explained the most mundane basics of snorkeling and kayaking, emphasizing that at any time we could ask for help. Um, okay.

I feel pretty comfortable in the water and was fine with wearing the mandatory life jacket until I realized that it interfered with our underwater selfies. Not okay.

We kayaked out to the cave, and both Sarah and I got that arm workout as we paddled against the current. Once we made it to the cave, we tied up our kayaks and snorkeled, snapping pictures of Maeda’s amazing fish. 

The inside of the cave itself was murky and cramped. Another tour crowded our space, and my claustrophobia kicked in as other snorkelers kicked and flailed around me underwater. Below me, cave fish darted just a little close for my comfort. The really excellent view was from inside the cave, looking back out: the water lit up the bluest blue, giving the cave its name. 

 All in all, a super productive morning. I couldn’t believe that Sarah was still standing at the end of it: she had worked the night before and claimed to be magically wide awake.

My friends are much stronger than I, clearly. I was snoozing on the warm bus ride back, even after my nine hours of sleep the night before.

I love exploring Okinawa! May each day of this summer be as peaceful and beautiful as this perfect day.

Happy reading!

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