Summer Resolutions

My goal this summer: Do every single thing.
IMG_3554 copy.jpg

With the end of June rapidly approaching, it’s easy to feel like summer is flying by.  I’ve already planned a few summer trips and finally got my paperwork together to leave the country for foreign travel.  Korea, here I come!  Here are the goals I’ve decided to try my very hardest to work at to make this summer the best ever.

Spend more time at the beach.

Okinawa has gorgeous beaches, even on base!  Recently, I’ve had so much fun snorkeling with whale sharks and kayaking into caves–this needs to happen more!  Renting a paddle board or kayak is fun, cheap, and active–three things I need in my life.

Be an active member of my book club.

For so many reasons.  These lovely ladies are awesome to hang out with and keep me reading things I never would otherwise.  Night shift makes it too easy to be a hermit.

Say yes to group gatherings.

Again with the night shift.  I tend to spend way too much time wide awake at two in the morning with my cat, only to regret missing out on bowling nights or block parties.

Take advantage of free activities.

Okinawa has a plethora of free or cheap movie nights, dancing lessons, and painting nights–the list goes on.

Finish five books.

Check out my Summer Reading tab.  It’s on!

How are you making the most of this summer?


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