Weekend update: KITTEN.

I woke up Saturday morning to this:

Apparently Carl upon finding a kitten crying outside our front door thought that he could bring him in for a meal and a rest, then send him back on the street. He didn’t realize the inherent impossibility: this guy had latched on deep to my heart.

One problem: our hugely overweight, fully adult cat Momo is terrified of this pipsqueak. He hates being followed around by the curious baby, and he really hates sharing his food. Momo is having a bad weekend.

After a long cuddle sesh with only a few hisses, I headed out for the beach with my friend Sarah. We chose Okuma, which is out of the way but worth the drive.


  With weather like that, we naturally started barbecuing and s’moreing (?), then hit the water. It was glorious.

We finished the day with vegan burritos at sunset.

A long beach day had me too lazy to unpack my car, which made it that much easier to hit the beach again on Sunday! Right after church, Carl and I were grilling right alongside all the dads celebrating Fathers Day.

Our favorite invention ever: a beach “sling”–it’s a partially inflatable hammock-like thing that is meant for a pool, but works amazingly in the ocean. You swim out to sea and fall asleep. Perfect for a post-barbecue food coma.

After the second beach party of the weekend, we were barely showered when we dashed off to see Finding Dory

Could it get any better than this?

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