Leeum Samsung Museum of Art (Seoul in Three Days, part three)

Fairly sure these photos are illegal.  Enjoy!



I loved this museum!  There were multiple “museums” within the museum.  One featured traditional Korean ceramics, one was entirely modern art, and one was the Children’s exhibit, which turned out to be really interesting.

A giant wooden floor sat suspended, with rice pillows randomly strewn throughout and a microwave placed in the corner to heat them if you so chose.  Books were placed in the corner, and visitors were offered the chance to read the book, which was titled Spectrum.  It was about all things spectral, ie ghosts–heavily featuring images from Hamlet and various Korean scholar’s interpretations.  There were economists and sociologists discussing the modern poor becoming ghosts in today’s society.

I was snuggled up in heated rice pillows for a hot minute learning about ghosts in all forms.

I kicked off my shoes and watched a black and white video of hot lava falling down a mountain for a half hour.  Quite artsy, I must say.


I freaking loved it!  The air conditioning was amazing.  And really, what more can you ask for? I only left because I was starting to starve to death and those who know me know that this is not a safe situation for anyone.  I was moving on to hipster Itaewon.  Seoul was starting to win me over!


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