Weekend update: Coming home!!!

Why does it feel so good to go home? It’s the ultimate comfort to leave Japan behind and board a whale shark painted plane headed for home sweet home.  I’m writing this from the airport, waiting to board and struggling to stay awake!  My carry-on baggage is packed with an eye mask and travel slippers–it’s going to be a comfy flight.

This week has been busy and exciting: my friend Sarah is leaving the island (sad face), so I spent much of our time checking off items on her “bucket list”.  One day at beautiful Toguchi beach, one day devouring an enormous ice cream mountain, and one last Okinawa pedicure.

selfie queens hard at work

Between all the  adventuring and the working, I neglected sleep for several days. Sanity suffers, and at one point I looked in the mirror and found myself wearing this hot mess:
  Note the shark shirt.

But truly, who has time to sleep? A full four hours is all I really need, and I’m ready for more.


 I hope you’re ready, San Diego.

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