Ie-jima and Our First Anniversary

I’m writing this post a few weeks late because things have been crazy!  Work has been wild, BOTH of our cars broke down, and our credit cards had to be reset after our bank switched card companies without telling us.  No money and no car has been… interesting.  We are lucky to have great friends and island family to help us through!

Anyway, we were totally excited to have the whole weekend off and I’d planned a mini-vacation to Okuma, the nearby military resort.  I was excited to stay up north because of how close it is to Ie Island.

We started our Saturday with a pre-breakfast hike.  What a treat!

Ie Island

Ie-jima is about thirty minutes by ferry from Motobu port.  The ferry even had an option to drive your car onboard, but we opted to rent bikes instead.  It’s much smaller than the main island of Okinawa, but there was a ton to do there!  Even the ferry over was an adventure!

The riding bikes idea turned out to be somewhat of a flop.  I’m not the best biker under good conditions, and I was cooking in the Okinawa sun.  Letting Carl pick the route was another questionable choice: he headed straight to Ie Mountain, which was obviously ALL UPHILL.  Maxi-dress+ 100 degree humid heat+ crashing bike= poor Carl.

Note to self: bike riding is a lot less fun if you’re really, really, hot.

After the ride, we cooled off with some ice cream and headed back to the ferry.  Ie jima was beautiful, and I definitely want to go back.  We didn’t have time to do ocean horseback rides or peanut farm tours–this island had so much to do!

Our First Anniversary

It’s hard to believe that it’s already been a year since our amazing wedding last year in Milwaukee.  We were showered with love from our friends and family.  This whole year has been full of changes, and I’m loving the adventure.  Cheers to a hundred more years!


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One thought on “Ie-jima and Our First Anniversary

  1. You two are just so cute !!! Sounds like a wonderful trip, maybe a little to much bike adventure, lol. Idk if I’d be game for that ride, i had all i could do to get over that bridge into canada, it was just like the movie a bridge to far lol. I love your pictures they are so beautiful


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