Universal Studios Japan

I’ve been trying to plan a weekend trip for Carl and I for what feels like forever.  Somehow, the schedules never seem to line up.  My last trip I’d planned to Taiwan was cancelled due to a typhoon, but finally we were able to work out the details and fly out to Osaka after work.

With such a short trip, we had only one thing on the agenda: Universal Studios Japan.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter


Hogwarts at Universal Studios surpassed my expectations.  We’re Harry Potter superfans, so we were sipping our butterbeers by the Hogwarts Express within minutes.

It was amazing!  Hogsmeade village was perfect, with all the shops we’d read about.  We were literally two kids in a candy store at Honeydukes.  We had lunch in the famous Three Broomsticks, it was heaven.  After some coaxing, I convinced Carl that we’d come back to Harry Potter and take a look at the rest of the park.

Jurassic Park

Again, two superfans! I loved sitting next to Carl on the rides and hearing his reaction to dinosaurs.  During one of the big rides, a huge T-Rex popped out of the darkness and we barely missed its huge jaws.  As usual, I’d packed horribly and was sweating bullets through my double jacket and long pants–the water ride was a godsend.

Side note: Jurassic Park is terrifying if you think about it–it’s just too real!  Can’t you just see genetic experts getting greedy and taking it all a little too far?  And can’t you imagine one of the employees exploiting his access and putting everyone else in danger?  It is way too real for me.


This ride had no line!  We rode it twice, and I loved hearing the Japanese guide’s explanation of what was happening.  This is another concept that was a little too real for me.

Japanese Everything!

One of the first things we noticed was that all of the other adventurers were in Halloween costumes.  A group of friends would walk by in matching jailbird costumes or cat outfits, and it was the cutest thing ever!  These weren’t all kids either.  I rode the Flying Dinosaur next to a row of girls dressed as sexy nurses…and then there was me, the regular nurse 🙂

The best costume: a minion-wizard combo.  Have you ever loved Minions and Harry Potter so much that you had to wear them both at once?

We loved our time at Universal Studios Japan.  With our bags full of pumpkin juice and chocolate frogs, we headed home to our AirBnB in Osaka.  I was thankful to finally be able to travel together and happy to be able to finally see Hogwarts.




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