Weekend Update: A Little Me Time

This week, Carl left for the Philippines.   This trip was only a few days, but soon he will be there for a good long while.  When he’s gone for short trips like this, I love to live it up!

I took myself out to lunch by the beach, I had lunch with friends, I got myself a pedicure.  The house stayed exactly as clean as I wanted, and it was me running the show.  I even assembled a bookshelf that’s been sitting in the garage waiting to be made for weeks.  And yes, the bottom of it is on backward, but I’m no carpenter.  What more can you ask for?


In other news, Japan is fully prepared for Halloween.  I will be in Hong Kong this year for Halloween, so I won’t be dressing up.  Hopefully we get some trick-or-treaters!

I was amazed when I first moved here at how the Japanese people are so into the holiday–they traditionally don’t celebrate All Hallow’s Eve, so why would Halloween be such a thing?  I still don’t quite get it, but it’s adorable.  The mall has been completely decked out since mid-September, and people dress up in costume for events you wouldn’t even expect.  A few days ago, we had visitors at work–a whole family of minions.  They’d come to see a friend’s newborn babe while in costume.  It was adorable.

Lately, life has been somewhat calm and I am incredibly grateful.  What a blessing to live on a beautiful tropical island with delicious food and wonderful people.  Today, Sunday, I am thanking God for all that I have.



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