Hong Kong pt. 2: Victoria Peak and the Star Ferry

One of my travel traditions is to obsessively plan beforehand using The Lonely Planet.  I’ve had such good luck with those guidebooks–they’re the best!

For this trip, I basically stole one of the suggested itineraries, which took me first to brunch in Soho at The Brunch Club (no pictures because I was too hungry!).  I left Soho via an area of Hong Kong known as “Ladder Street”–so named because it is so steep that ladders were used to climb it in the past.

The Peak

Victoria Peak was next on my list.  “The Peak” is famous for its panoramic views and history as a strategic stronghold.  I was glad for the historic tram that took me easily to the top.


The Octopus card, Hong Kong’s metro card, was the best!  Instead of waiting in the long cash only line, I got to skip ahead with my Octopus card.  Oh yeah!


Exploring the gardens and panoramic views


Star Ferry

On my Lonely Planet itinerary of must-see attractions was the Star Ferry.  The whole time I was riding the cute little ferry across Victoria Harbour, I couldn’t stop thinking about how much Carl would love it!  The view was amazing, but somehow I only managed to take pictures of myself.


I finished my second perfect day in Hong Kong with a fancy movie in a 4D theater with special seats marked “NOT FOR PREGNANT”.  Ummm, okay.

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