T’s First Week

I am obsessed with my baby.T8.jpg

Last week, we were discharged from the hospital and it suddenly felt like this baby was really mine.  Nobody was going to check on us every few hours to make sure I was feeding her, changing her, and not shaking her–it was totally up to us.  We barely made it out of the parking lot before I realized that I was totally starving and that we had nothing at home to eat.  Our first stop as a family was Taco Bell; so much for raising this kid right.

Our first week at home has been mostly feeding T all night and adventuring with her all day.  We’ve been good about keeping her in the Moby wrap while out and minimizing her exposure to stranger’s germs, but we really wanted to start showing her how cool Okinawa is as soon as we could.

It was a week filled with administrative work: her first doctor’s appointment, applying for her passport, finishing up a few loose ends at work that I’d dropped once I was admitted.  We took her for a newborn photoshoot, and I LOVE how they turned out.

We decided to use cloth diapers, which has actually been a lot easier than I expected.  The biggest challenge has been fitting the diapers tight enough to her chicken legs to avoid leaks.  This girl is little, but she can sure eat!

As far as babies go, we got a good one: she will eat anywhere, anytime.  It’s been great to be able to breastfeed her inside the Moby wrap so that I can be hands-free for grocery shopping or more realistically, texting.

So far, the biggest change has been that everything takes just a little bit longer and I am definitely not the boss of my life anymore.  We can’t necessarily get out the door to make a 9AM appointment if somebody decides that she’s starving at 8AM.  The few times I’ve tried to bend her to my timeline do not go well; I end up showing up on time, but carrying a screaming baby with a full diaper.  Not ideal.

Today, my mom flies in from San Diego, and I can’t wait to see her! Big T is going to have a blast.


2 thoughts on “T’s First Week

  1. 🌹🌼🌷Happy Mothers Day, Hayley! 🌺💐🌸

    Have a wonderful visit with your Mom……and take lots of pics!


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