Maternity Leave

I’ve officially been on leave for almost one month, and it’s been a little hard to get used to.  I can’t imagine going back to work, and I have millions of things that I need to be doing, but most of my day is spent attached to this tiny human who is my new 24/7 companion.  So many tasks that I previously did with ease I’ve now learned to do one-handed, or no-handed, while balancing a squirmy baby.  We’ve settled into a semi-routine that goes like this:

5:30–T wakes up, politely requests breakfast.

5:35–T demands breakfast.  Hunger panic ensues.  She feeds for an hour or so.

6:30–We get out of bed, have coffee, she looks around trying to figure out the world.  This is one of the coolest times with her, the few moments she is awake but not starving.  I love watching her and interacting with her in these minutes, but my favorite thing is to watch her hang out with Carl during “daddy time”.  He’ll rest her over his shoulder, read her a book, play guitar to her, whatever he feels like, and she LOVES it.

7:30–Starving again. Time to feed the beast!

9:00–T passes out cold.  I can quickly get dressed, tackle any chores, and plan our day.  If we have somewhere to be, this is the time to sneak her into the carseat.

10:30–On our way to [fill in the blank].  T screams in the car the entire way there.

Eat, sleep, diaper change, repeat.  

During this leave, I hope to love on this baby as much as I possibly can, and I hope to accomplish a few things too.  I’d like to get back into shape (easier said than done), explore Okinawa, read some excellent books, and catch up with friends.  Wish me luck!



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