Weekend Update

Today is my birthday! Hooray!

Each year, birthdays become a little bit less of a big deal, don’t you think?  The last two years I was super sick on my birthday, and this year my one goal was to survive this day without throwing up.  So far, so good!

This week, Carl left for a little while.  I knew I’d miss him, of course, but I was mostly sad that T wouldn’t get to see him.  She loves her daddy time, and even though it’s hard to tell what she understands at this point, I know that she knows something is missing.  I’m just not as good as him at making up stupid songs and dancing around the house with an upside down baby.

With him gone, everything is just a tiny bit more difficult.  The cat caught a huge cockroach and was chasing pieces of it around the house…that’s a Carl job for sure.  He would have taken the bug outside; I shut my bedroom door and hoped she’d just eat it before I woke up (my way worked too).  For a little while, I’ll be on my own, so I am trying to go easy on myself and celebrate the little victories.

image1 (8)

This week, completely on my own, I:

  • Got the baby to sleep for four hours! At night!! (Like I said, little victories)
  • Read two amazing books while feeding a squirmy baby
  • Went to the gym, got kicked out of the gym for having a baby with me, and went to a different gym with a baby room
  • Went on several stroller walks/runs in which T screamed the entire time
  • Tackled a huge project: the overflowing, cluttered closet in the baby’s room

This little prankster baby is fast asleep, so I might squeeze in a shower, my very own birthday present to myself.  Cheers to me!

Currently readingWith Malice, by Alice Cook


3 thoughts on “Weekend Update

  1. Hi there! I was a friend of your mom’s in high school and I just wanted to congratulate you on little T and say how happy I am that you’re back posting again!! Thank you for sharing your bibliophile escapades and especially now the marvels of your little one. Take good care!!


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