My Book Reviews: Good as Gone

I think I’ve watched every show on Netflix.

Recently, I’ve had to spend a lot of time sitting down attached to a baby, which is a pace that I am not at all used to.  But, on the plus side, I finally have the time to read again!

First up, a book I’ve been meaning to read for a while that went on sale briefly for Kindle.  Good as Gone, by Amy Gentry was the perfect first book back after a long hiatus.

The premise is a good one: A family is beginning to give up hope that their kidnapped daughter, Julie, will ever come home when she mysteriously arrives at their door after eight years.  As Julie settles back into life at home, inconsistencies arise in her story.  The family can’t figure it out: why would Julie lie? Is it really Julie?

This was recommended to me as an “unputdownable” book, and it did not disappoint.  For two days, I was glued to the Kindle impatiently trying to put the pieces together.  Proof of how addicting this book was: the baby was asleep, and I was tired, but I stayed up instead to read this book.  That is truly taking your life into your own hands–so worth it for this book!

“If there is something missing—if I am afraid to love her quite as much as before—it is only because the potential for love feels so big and so intense that I fear I will disappear in the expression of it, that it will blow my skin away like clouds and I will be nothing.”


If you like suspense/mystery/thrillers, admittedly a huge genre now, you will enjoy this book.  Read it if for no other reason than the fact that it’s super, super addicting.  Enjoy!


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