What Kind of Reader Are You?

Hanging out with a baby 24/7 has put me in an interesting situation:  I have lots and lots of time, but no free hands.  Teagan loves to be held, and even though banging pots and pans wouldn’t wake this sweet babe, putting her to bed by herself instantly has her screaming.  So I wear her in the baby carrier or hold her ALL. THE. TIME.

I’m Netflixing, I’m podcasting, I’m Kindleing like you wouldn’t believe.  This is a great problem to have–I’ve started reading new book blogs and listening to the podcast What Should I Read Next?  The guest they interviewed this week talked about how she was always the girl who refused to start with the second book in a series; she had to begin with the first or not at all.  She talked about how she just loves the smell of books and turning the pages of a real, physical book instead of an e-Reader.  She takes amazing care of her books and gets angry when friends return them to her damaged.

Because I’m weird, I started to get weirdly jealous of this girl.

If only I had the self-discipline to care about any of these things!  I read mostly from a Kindle because its lighter and easier to manage than a book, but if I forget to charge the Kindle, iPhone it is.  I’ve moved so many times that I own probably less than twenty real live books, and they are all too damaged for the library to accept.  A pizza stain at the climax of the book is my signature, because I’m classy like that.

Luckily, we were out on a stroller walk and I had time to digest these weird feelings of inadequacy.  I love reading, I love books, I love libraries so, so, much.  I love to swan dive into a story and not move until I’ve devoured it all.  I love history, fiction, poetry, adventure, mystery, romance.  I’ve been known to drop a book that failed to hold my attention and pick up another without a second thought.  I am happy to reread old favorites over and over again.

What kind of reader are you?

Are you slow and steady, someone who likes to mull over the themes of a book upon finishing?  Are you an eReader reader?  Do you love to read in libraries, or at home on the couch?

Picture of the babe just because:


I hope that you are all reading this from a pool chair in some exotic place.  Summer reading is truly delicious, isn’t it?
happy reading

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