Weekend Update: Father’s Day

Is it Father’s Day (the day belonging to the Father), or Fathers Day (the day to celebrate multiple fathers)??  The internet recommends the first style.

DSC00788.JPGWhen I worked Labor and Delivery, seeing a dad hold his new baby for the first time was always emotional.  If the dad cried, my heart instantly melted.  Being a dad is such a special thing, and I am so lucky to have a great dad and a great husband who loves Teagan more than anything.

Father’s Day seems to bring out the most Neanderthal cliches:  according to stores, dads like beer and grilling meat.  They also like ties, but mostly meat and beer.  Even searching for gifts is tricky: how about a gift basket of beef jerky?  Does he like to golf?

Growing up, I’m pretty sure that every year we got my dad a package of new socks.  If he was lucky, we would make some artistic masterpiece at school out of macaroni and spray paint.  I’m also pretty sure that he totally loved the simplicity: to him, a gift card was perfectly acceptable.  That kind of thing would never fly on Mothers Day (Mother’s Day?)

Happy Father’s Day to all the golf-loving, grill-mastering, cigar-smoking dads out there.

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“You never have the sort of friends you have when you’re fifteen ever again. Even if you keep them for the rest of your life, it’s never the same as it was then.”


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