There aren’t many books that I love enough to read twice.  I’ve read every Harry Potter millions of times, and The Hunger Games was worth a second shot.  On my most recent flight, I panicked: I’d brought the fully charged Kindle, but had forgotten to load my current book.


Enter Stephen King.  Ahh, deliciously horrifying Stephen King.

During takeoff, I fed the happy baby and settled into one of my favorite stories ever: The Shining.  Is there anything better?

We experienced some airport drama on this trip, and after the first flight I was separated from my travel companion, Maureen.  Somehow, she ended up with my Kindle (and my snacks!), but I was already too far gone.  I ducked into the Hudson News and bought the hard copy of The Shining.  If I’ve already read it 4829084190 times, who’s to say I won’t read it 28482109 more?

What books do you love enough to read twice?  Which is your go-to comfort read?

Hope you’re all having as great of a summer as I am!


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