Weekend Update: My Tokyo Trip

I’ve been to Tokyo before, but this trip was different.  For one thing, I was staying in one city for five whole days–unheard of!  I rarely get that much time off.  I was also serving as a pretty unofficial tourguide to my dad, who’d never been to Japan before.  Probably the biggest difference, though, was that this time I’d be traveling with a two month old baby girl.  Let me just hit some of the highlights:

Meiji Ji

I love that this lush forest is smack dab in the middle of a bustling city.  It’s always my first stop in Tokyo as one of the best ways to clear my head after busy travel days.



I’d never been here before–it was a recommendation from the hotel’s amazing travel desk.  They grilled tuna over huge blazing flames of burning wheat grass (the traditional style of Shikoku).  After what felt like five hundred years of pregnancy, this partially raw fish totally hit the spot.  Yum!


Dominique Adams Bakery

I’ll admit, I came here purely to take a photo of my ice cream.  Worth it.


Tsukiji Fish Market

Everything I’d read about this place made it sound like if you couldn’t make it in time for the 3:00 AM auctions, you shouldn’t even bother existing anymore.  I was glad to have a reason to go; my dad suggested it and it was AMAZING.  Streets of vendors with delicious looking fish, giant clams, soda flavored ice cream, ultra-sharp knives.  Breakfast was the best sushi I’ve ever tasted.  I say that I travel on my stomach, that is to say that I plan my trips around delicious foods and remember my travels by the the snacks I’ve tasted along the way.  Tsukiji was an experience I will never forget.



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