Should I finish this book?

This summer, I’ve created a Kindle graveyard of half-finished books.

Part of it is the fact that I have pretty much no attention span.  I read in thirty second intervals between naps, feedings, and diaper changes–whatever book I choose had better be seriously gripping.  The next book is always shinier, more exciting.

My newest thing is the free shelf at the library. I’ll clear out my shelves and donate a bag of books, only to replace them with new ones.  I guess there are worse hobbies.  I could be addicted to online poker or something.

Truly, life is too short to finish a book you’re not enjoying.  If you love to read, chances are that there is a book out there you could currently be enjoying except you’re stubbornly sticking to this dud.  There are plenty of fish in the literary sea.


What do you think? Is disciplined reading worthwhile for its own sake?

happy reading

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