Literary Drinking Buddies

I’ve always wanted to hang out with J.K. Rowling.  As a kid I assumed that she was an exiled witch who knew everything about the wizarding world and chose to present it to us Muggles as fiction.  As an adult, I think she’s hilarious.

funny-jk-rowling-twitter-comebacks-20 (1).jpg

She would definitely be that girl you instantly bond with in line for the bathroom.  You’d make fun of the boys who think they’re impressive and she’d be weirdly amazing at the mechanical bull.  J.K. Rowling would definitely hold her liquor, and when you couldn’t hold yours, she wouldn’t judge.

I don’t think I’d like drinking with Hemingway.  He’d be the guy at rating girls on a 0-10 numerical scale, all the while neglecting to notice that they were all out of his league.

Emily Dickinson?  The weird girl who tells you about the personalities of her various cats and can’t quite take a hint that you just don’t care.

Edgar Allen Poe would show up somehow plastered before sunset and would have conveniently forgotten his wallet.  Rude.

Yep, I’m definitely sticking with J.K. Rowling.

Who would be your literary drinking buddy?



One thought on “Literary Drinking Buddies

  1. Max the cat is my drinking buddy, he doesn’t care what I talk about, and he doesn’t judge my drinking abilities. He approves if I fall asleep with a blanket on the couch.


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