Weekend Update: Little Moments

It’s been busier than I thought, going back to work.  Sometimes it seems that every day off is just a prep day to go back.  Slowly, I am getting better at balancing and everything is getting easier.

This week, I found my camera charger, which obviously meant a baby photo shoot.  I’m so obsessed with this girl!  She is not a fan of the constant photography.


We headed to Cape Manzamo, a gorgeous viewpoint close to our home.  I took Teagan out for pancakes, and then walked out to look out at the beautiful view. DSC00933

It was perfect! It’s finally feeling like fall in Okinawa, still pretty hot but definitely bearable.  Not quite pumpkin spice weather, but if I turn up the air conditioning, I can pretend.


This little girl loves getting kisses from Carl and pulling chunks of fur from our poor cats.  She has TWO teeth coming in.  Every day, she’s more playful and fun–more human than baby blob.  I love it!

I am so in love with my island home and my crazy family.


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