We were so sad to say bye to Grandma–Teagan loved all the attention and was so sad to see her go!  The timing worked out for a last minute weekend getaway so that we would all be at the airport at the same time, which just drew out the sad good-bye.  Instead of a good-bye, its a “see you later”.

Soon, we were on our way to our next adventure—Kyoto, here we come!  We are so acclimated to Okinawa’s tropical climate that the high of 62 degrees was rough on us.    Teagan doubled up on the layers and snuggled us tight!

We stopped at favorite Indian restaurant in Gion, then caught up on some much needed sleep.  In the morning, we got an early start for Nara.DSC01337

Nara is known for its many deer that take over Nara Park.  You can buy deer cookies anywhere around the park, and they love it!  Teagan was not so sure about the deer.DSC01348DSC01349 copy

Nara, you’re beautiful.

After a full day in Nara, we headed back to Kyoto for the night–the girls went to sleep, and Carl went for a hike/ramen feast.  Typical.  This trip was the first that naps were very important, but I was happy to use the babe as an excuse to catch up on some sleep.

For a few months, I’ve been burning the candle from both ends.  I’ve been taking on too much, committing to the wrong things and putting myself last.  The result is being able to do everything, but doing it all poorly and acting cranky the entire time.

Example: my schedule was recently switched so that I would now be working Thanksgiving night.  My response to the schedule change? “That’s okay, I’ll make a turkey!”  I walked away wondering how I had over-committed myself once again.

The thing about breastfeeding is that you can’t make milk if you don’t sleep.  You can’t make milk if you forget to drink water.  There were a few really scary days where I thought my body had given up on milk, and I was forced to slow down.

I’m learning to love it.  I’m getting all kinds of cuddles from this babe and having a great weekend off.

DSC01354 copy

Cheers to the super, super, incredibly slow life.

One thought on “Nara

  1. Oh Nara is so beautiful. I love it.. And I just showed Stu the picture that shows the gutter on the sides of the road and explained to him about how slippery the roads can be when wet. I miss you all and can’t wait to see you again. i can’t wait to go shopping with you Hayley and I can’t wait to go hiking with Carl and I can’t wait to mush on Mudgie.


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