Weekend Update

I don’t want to brag, but I can make a great turkey.

This year, I worked Thanksgiving night in the ER.  We had a great turkey and all the sides.  These people I work with are amazing.  Being a part of a great team makes all the difference when you’re working a holiday or wishing you were home instead, and I was so thankful for them.  I admired every little babe that came through the ER and thought of my own little milk monster at home.

After my shifts, I snuck a quick nap and woke up to “Dada! Dada! Dadadadadada.”  Teagan had learned a new sound!  As much as I’d hoped her word would be “Mamamamamama”, this one is super convenient.  Who do you want to change your diaper? DADA.  Who gets to take out the trash, Teagan? DADA.

We got to work on our weekend family chores: grocery store, guitar time, Christmas movies, church, chillin’.  Is there anything better than the mundane tasks of a weekend off?


In other urgent news, I found out how to make any picture into a Paint by Numbers picture–you select each color individually, and it gives you a palette and a numbered outline.  So excited for late nights awake to pursue my random hobbies.

I love this sweet little life.



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