Taipei (pt 1 of 3)


Lately, I have been incredibly busy and every spare second has been reserved for spending time with my sweet family.  One night shift has a way of seeping into the day before and day after; before I know it weeks have passed.  I missed my friends!  I’m lucky to have friends who understand the struggle and love me anyway.

I’d planned on going to Taiwan with my friend Alexis for months, and when it finally rolled around I was tempted to cancel.  I was so freaking tired, and the laundry wasn’t done, and blah, blah, blah.

Luckily, I rallied and made it.  We ran late, hit traffic, had issues with customs and had a knife in our carry-on.  Alexis joked that it had been a while since she’d had to run through the airport to make a flight, and a few minutes later we were doing just that, stinky baby in tow.

Somehow, we made it!  We were on our way to Taiwan!

Our flight was short, only 1 hour, and customs on arrival was easy–they pulled us into a baby carrying and/or disabled line.  We opted to take a taxi to our AirBnB because for 40 minutes it was only about $12.

We were immediately in love with Taipei.  It felt so modern and Westernized, but still exotic.  Our apartment was in a cool neighborhood I’d found by searching “hipster areas Taipei”.  Even though it was cloudy, we could see the famous Taipei 101 in the distance.


After a short break to set down our suitcases, we were off!  Our first stop was Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall.  I meant to take my time in the museum and learn about the president memorialized here, but it soon became apparent that I wouldn’t be staying long.  Teagan had skipped her morning nap to make friends on the flight, and by afternoon she was getting LOUD.


We stayed just long enough to watch the changing of the guards and snap a few photos, then split up with Alexis to head home.


I watched Law & Order in the apartment while the booger queen rolled on the floor, then ordered the most delicious Dim Sum ever.  It was starting to really feel like vacation!


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