National Palace Museum (Taipei pt 3 of 3)

For our last day in Taiwan, we headed to morning mass.  Somehow I messed up the time, so we sat for an hour in adoration before we realized the mass wasn’t even going to be in English.  We awkwardly snuck out just as the service started.  Woops.


Our next stop was the National Palace Museum, where I promptly left my phone in a taxi.  My phone has a case with my ID card and credit cards, so this was basically a huge disaster.  I panicked, wondering if I’d be able to get back into Japan or if I’d end up in huge trouble with work.  The security team at the museum was amazing–they looked up the cab number on the security tapes, called the cab company, and within 30 minutes had an address of a police station where we could pick up the phone.

I love Taiwan!  Those sweet people working together saved me so much heartache.

DSC01515.JPGOnce we’d picked up the phone we headed back to the museum and were finally able to enjoy it.  It was amazing–ancient art pieces and incredible architecture.  Teagan made friends with everyone.


We decided to head to the airport extra early to avoid the stress of running through the airport again.  One short flight later and we were home!

I learned a lot on this trip, especially about traveling with a wild little babe.

Taiwan Takeaways

  • DO NOT SKIP NAPS.  You might think it will be fine, but it will not be fine.  You will end up with a screaming little octopus/shark baby, angrily using her six teeth to get revenge on you.  Do not skip naps.
  • Pack light.  Half of my suitcase was diapers, so I was forced to pack light and wear simple interchangeable outfits.  I was glad for the small suitcase when we were super late and were able to carry on the bag instead of checking it, saving us a few previous minutes.
  • Bring copies of all the paperwork.  On some trips, immigration has asked me for just a passport and a copy of my military orders.  This time, they demanded a copy of her birth certificate, which I of course did not have with me.  For a few panicked moments, I worried that I would be stuck.  I’ve heard other people say that without the birth certificate, they needed written permission from the baby’s father to take the baby out of the country.  It seems that the requirements are ever-changing, which adds to the stress.
  • When possible, bring a friend.  Alexis was such a champ on this trip.  It helped so much to have a friend to hold her while I ate or tried to do anything that required two hands.

I am so thankful to be able to travel.  We are definitely feeling the finality of our time here–it feels like if I don’t take advantage of every minute I will regret it.  Traveling with T gets more challenging every day, and I’m trying my best to do it anyway.

Soon, we will be thousands of dollars away from a weekend in Taiwan.  Before we know it, T will be crawling and walking and running.    I know that I’ll look back on these days and miss them, so I’m trying to live it up while I can.  Seize the day, etc. etc.

Hope you all are staying warm!

happy reading

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