Fan Fiction

Have you read any fan fiction?  It’s one of my guilty pleasures.
Fan fiction is just what it sounds like: a fan of a certain work of literature or show decides to write their own story about the characters from that work.  Usually they change some instrumental piece of the plot and tell the story how they wished it had ended instead of how it ended in the “canon”, or real work.
It’s popular to write a “fic” about two characters you always wished would get together.  Doing this is called “shipping” (relationship), as in “I totally ship Malfoy and Hermione.”  (Dramione ships are super popular, so is Ron/Harry shipping, and so is Harry/Draco shipping.  Go figure.
For a more developed list of Harry Potter ships, click here.
I call it a guilty pleasure because a lot of fanfiction is straight up trash.  The authors are often 12-16 years old, obsessed with young adult characters and trying their hand at writing for the first time.  Harry Potter, Twilight, and the Hunger Games are favorites, but they can literally be about anything.  I saw a fic about the two detectives from Law & Order SVU finally getting together.
Some fan fiction is really, really good, though.  I love finding a really good one; it’s like the fictional universe is ever-expanding.  These characters don’t belong to the authors, they belong to all of us.  It’s the best.
What fiction would you like to see?  Who would you ship?

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