(Belated) Weekend Update: Salt Factory and Dim Sum

This is so late: I’m a little behind on everything currently.  I’m chronically busy, somehow even more so when I have time off.  I’m the person who tries to pack too many things into a day and ends up exhausted.  They’re usually not crucial things, either.  Last week I found myself frantically chopping veggies for a friend who’d recently had a baby.  I have a problem.

A few weeks ago, I convinced Carl to take me to Hotel Nikko Alivila’s weekly dim sum buffet.  I’d been dreaming about the custard buns and shrimp dumplings we ordered in Taiwan.  Finally, the timing worked out and Carl and I toured the gorgeous hotel grounds before eating.




We loved the Spanish architecture and gorgeous ocean views.  It was a chilly day, or we’d have been playing in the beautiful pool.DSC01904

After eating SO MUCH DIM SUM, we headed to our next stop: the Gala Salt Factory.  Factory workers set us up with a pot of “super concentrate ocean water” and instructed us to taste how salty it was.  Next, they placed it over hot coals and had us stir it frantically until the water slowly evaporated.  We were left with delicious sea salt, which we promptly sprinkled on provided popcorn.


Teag was not into this activity.  She complained the entire time, and finally that little dictator announced that it was time to leave.

Perfect weekend date!

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