Welcome to Bangkok!

I love living in Okinawa for so many reasons, but the cheap flights are definitely up there.  I get emails from a few of Japan’s budget airlines, and was so excited to find out that they were offering a NEW flight, direct from Oki to Bangkok for $50!

It left at 9 pm and arrived at midnight, which wasn’t ideal with a little wild babe, but how could I say no to that price?  Besides, this baby is a party girl.


With the late arrival, we opted to stay in the adjoining airport hotel.  It was such a great welcome to Thailand: everyone was hospitable and I felt like a queen.  U.S. Dollars go so much further in Thailand.

We sipped fruity drinks by the pool and Teagan splashed around like a big kid.


I was so incredibly relaxed and ready to hit the next day with full force touring.

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